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Inochi No Hi (魂の炎) – Asami

NCM2のアソシエートアーティスト、ドラマー・シンガーソングライター、Asamiさんの最新PV「Inochi No Hi (魂の炎)」 が完成しました!NCM2のミチコもキーボードで参加しています。

【YouTube】Inochi No Hi (魂の炎) – Asami

One of the most popular session drummers in all of Japan, Asami is a multi-talented and world-renowned percussionist, singer-songwriter, dancer. Her latest world music album A is filled with the essence of Latin, funk, AOR and Japanese tradition and presented with a contemporary J-Pop twist to deliver Asami’s signature message of love through music.

Available on most digital music stores like Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon, and Spotify.

Inochi No Hi (魂の炎) Composed By Asami

Asami: Drums
Pedro Eustache: Tenor Sax
Michiko Hill: Keyboards
PeeWee Hill: Bass
Tony Maiden: Guitar

Videographer: Tomer Rom
Editor: Hiroyuki Shirasaka
Sound Engineer: Iki Levy

℗ 2018 MMP., DBA Maki Music Production, Inc.
© 2018 TRIAD PROJECT CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.



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